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Panama Pampers

Ein paar aufgeführten Quellen wurden nicht im Stream besprochen.

Revised’Es)mates’of’Private’Banking’Assets’Under‘ Management’and’Total’Client’Assets‘ ‚–’Top’50’Global’Private’Banks,’2005C2010‘

Bei Zollinger ist einerseits Ärger zu spüren, dass Mossack Fonseca nun in internationalen Medien als «Sündenbock hingestellt wird»

That same year, 1986, according to the Panama Papers, Mossack learned he was involved in a front company for men who had robbed 3.5 tons of gold—£26 million at the time, and more now—from a Brink’s-Mat depot near London’s Heathrow Airport in 1983.

Commission proposes public tax transparency rules for multinationals

Der amerikanische Investor Warren Buffett nannte sie einmal »finanzielle Massenvernichtungswaffen«: Derivate

Mainstream media shrink their journalistic teams while increasing the staff of commercial departments. Big investigations only last a few days and journalists censor themselves and are aware of damaging the interests of companies who are advertised in their media outlets. Stories go through new kinds of legal checks which don’t aim at the proper documentation of every element of the story but the elimination of every potentially “dangerous” claim. Lawsuits for slander and claims for skyrocketing compensations (often of biggest value than the entire medium) become a huge iron ball, chained at the feet of journalists who hope that no one will push them into the sea.

The Panama Papers revelation differs radically from any other massive leak until today. For the first time, the data are not the picture of a moment. They allow for the systematic and analytical research of the economic model and its evolution during the past 50 years. The leak consists of 11.5 million documents dating from 1977 until the final days of 2015 and so for the first time (supposedly) we have at our disposal all the necessary tools to reveal a true global conspiracy: that of the rich at the expense of the poor.

On November 1, 2010 at noon, at the office of Alan Rusbridger, inside the building of the British Guardian in London, the first massive clash between the “old” and the “new” journalism happened. It was the day Julian Assange broke the links between Wikileaks and traditional media. Until that point, the brilliant organization of the Australian, waving the flag for transparency with the moto “we open governments” was under the illusion that cooperation with media dinosaurs would work mutually beneficially.

Wikileaks has matured since then. It has changed its strategy and its new dogma includes full disclosure knowing that if someone controls the flow of the information, in reality, they find themselves at the same ethical level as someone who hides information.

That was precisely my strong disagreement with Wikileaks when back in the elections year 2012, Alexis Papahelas handled the publication of the Greek part of Cable Gate through his TV show „Neoi Fakeloi“ (New Folders). He held documents that, depending on the timing of their publication, could affect the election results. Finally, Wikileaks decided to publish all the GableGate and then we learnt that Alexis Papahelas show had been receiving instructions from the American Embassy on how to report in order to better promote American positions.

Jürgen Mossack is a German immigrant whose father sought a new life in Panama for his family after serving in Hitler’s Waffen-SS during World War II. Ramón Fonseca is an award-winning novelist who has worked in recent years as an adviser to Panama’s president. He took a leave of absence as presidential adviser in March after his firm was implicated in the Brazil scandal and ICIJ and its partners began to ask questions about the law firm’s practices.

VERORDNUNG (EU) 2015/847 DES EUROPÄISCHEN PARLAMENTS UND DES RATES vom 20. Mai 2015 über die Übermittlung von Angaben bei Geldtransfers und zur Aufhebung der Verordnung (EU) Nr. 1781/2006 (Text von Bedeutung für den EWR)

RICHTLINIE (EU) 2015/849 DES EUROPÄISCHEN PARLAMENTS UND DES RATES vom 20. Mai 2015 zur Verhinderung der Nutzung des Finanzsystems zum Zwecke der Geldwäsche und der Terrorismusfinanzierung, zur Änderung der Verordnung (EU) Nr. 648/2012 des Europäischen Parlaments und des Rates und zur Aufhebung der Richtlinie 2005/60/EG des Europäischen Parlaments und des Rates und der Richtlinie 2006/70/EG der Kommission

Dutch government plans to grant public access to beneficial ownership register

Dutch government plans to grant public access to beneficial ownership register

Germany’s offshore financial centre: Overview and background

Die neuen Regeln enthalten eine Zweideutigkeit, die zum Missbrauch einladen und es Banken, Notaren oder Anwälten erlauben wird, anstelle des echten wirtschaftlichen Eigentümers „die natürliche(n) Person(en), die der Führungsebene angehört/angehören“ einzutragen (Artikel 3.6.a.ii, Seite 14).
Selbstverständlich können diese “Personen der Führungsebene” Scheindirektoren sein

Financial Secrecy Index – 2015 Results

Panama Papers indicate spies used Mossack Fonseca to ‚conceal‘ activities

Panama Papers: Mossack Fonseca Tied to Nazis, CIA & Mexican Drug Lords

OECD/G20 Base Erosion and Profit Shifting Project

Double trouble: why landmark OECD tax reform is doomed before it starts

Europe’s battle against 1 trillion euro tax evasion

Die Richtlinie hält in Art. 30, Abs. 5 c) fest, dass die Angaben “in allen Fällen” zugänglich sein sollen für “alle Personen oder Organisationen, die ein berechtigtes Interesse nachweisen können”. Wir denken jedoch, dass Deutschland das Register öffentlich machen sollte.
Brief an Finanzminister Schäuble und Justizminister Maas zur EU-Richtlinie gegen Geldwäsche.

Steuerbetrug, trickreiche Steuervermeidung und Geldwäsche konsequent bekämpfen:



Forget Panama: it’s easier to hide your money in the US than almost anywhere

Statement on the resignation of the Chair of our chapter in Chile

TTIP: EU will Finanzregulierung aushebeln

TTIP: EU will Finanzregulierung aushebeln

Gesetz zu dem Abkommen vom 31. Mai 2013 zwischen der Bundesrepublik Deutschland und den Vereinigten Staaten von Amerika zur Förderung der Steuerehrlichkeit bei internationalen Sachverhalten und hinsichtlich der als Gesetz über die Steuerehrlichkeit bezüglich Auslandskonten bekannten US-amerikanischen Informations- und Meldebestimmungen

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